At Megatek Elektronik, we strive to lead in the production of electronic cards and products using the most advanced manufacturing and automation systems.

We serve our customers through state-of-the-art electronic productions technologies and services.

The manufacturing facilities have gone into operation in 2000 and have been expanding steadily since.

We have produced millions of electronic boards, and over one million TV sets.

Range of products include:

  • Phones
  • TV modules (TV main chassis, CRT modules, stereo modules, teletext cards, 100Hz feature boxes, etc)
  • Digital Satellite Receivers
  • Complete TV sets (CRT TV and LCD TV)
  • LED Lighting products for factories, warehouses and offices
  • LED Lighting products with sensors (PIR motion sensors, touch sensors, distance sensors, micro-wave motion sensors)
  • Bioclimatic pergola control systems
  • LED Lighting products for automotive sector

Our well-trained staff are committed to solve your production requirements.